Monday, November 19, 2018

Fleecy Pembroke Tunic

After making my pique Pembroke dress, I almost immediately turned around and made a Pembroke tunic!

Y'all know I love a turtleneck. In the Vermont cold, basically anything that covers my neck is a must. So I was clearly going to make a Cashmerette Pembroke turtleneck tunic... plus the pattern cover version of the tunic used my evil eye double knit, so it was meant to be!

The fabric I chose for my Pembroke is this odd, but incredibly soft and cozy fabric I bought at Joann last year. I had seen Suzanne of Sew York City singing the praises of this fabric as a wool-substitute. 

It seems inspired by boiled wool, but with the softness and machine-washability of a fleece. I honestly can't remember what the content is, but after working with it, I feel like there is poly, a hint of rayon and possibly Lycra. I just made that up, so don't quote me on it.

In any case, it's thick, stretchy and soft. Perfect for a Pembroke

Because it's black and I am incapable of taking good photos, you can't see any detail. But you can imagine... It's this. But shorter. With full length sleeves and a turtleneck. No ties. Fleece-y.

I went with my typical Cashmerette size, a 16 C/D. Perfect. The only change I made was to hem the tunic at one inch rather than 3/8 inch. I just like a heftier hem. I didn't finish any of my seams, but rather pressed them open where I could to reduce bulk in the thicker fabric.

The Pembroke fit is perfect. Curve-hugging, but not clingy, as you would expect of a Cashmerette pattern. The turtleneck stands proud in this thick fabric. This will be a winter staple for me, for sure! Like a wearable snuggie in this fabric. 

I paired my Pembroke tunic with skinny ankle jeans here (not me-made, gasp!) in a totally-impractical-for-Vermont-winter outfit, but I feel like this tunic goes with everything. Even if it doesn't, that's how I'll wear it. With everything. And snow boots.


  1. "... don't quote me". I laughed and laughed! And I needed to - looking out at the falling snow. Boots really are the fashion scourge of the northeast. Which ones look GOOD with pants? (Cropped, culotte, skinny, short, etc.)
    Your top looks so warm and cozy - and such a different look than the dress. A very versatile pattern!

  2. I'm loving this. Never thought of using some heavy thickish knit for one. I keep thinking of them as turtleneck tunics made from softer knits! Now I'm gonna have to revisit my fabric collection for more options.

  3. I love the fitted-but-not-tight shape of this tunic. I had no idea this was part of the pattern; I had only really paid attention to the dress, which wasn't my style. This looks very cozy.