Sunday, July 7, 2019

Rayon Crepe Holyoke Skirt

A maxi skirt that is maximally comfortable... warning: lots of swooshing around ahead in this post!

I'm so excited to have a maxi skirt to wear this summer! I used to wear them all the time in college, but somehow I got out of the habit and it's probably been over 15 years since I've worn one.

This is the Cashmerette Holyoke Skirt, a "breezy full length skirt" or a maxi sundress with Cashmerette's signature cup sizes. The seven panel skirt allows for lots of floaty movement. The Holyoke is designed with light- to mid-weight woven fabrics in mind for maximum flowiness.

For my Holyoke Skirt, I opted for this gorgeous tomato-red floral rayon crepe from Hart's Fabric, which isn't up on their website quite yet, but will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for it! Hart's provided me with the fabric as part of their Hart's Street Team, but my opinions are my own. 

I love the striking color and the matte, crinkly texture of the rayon crepe fabric! It was a little shifty to cut and sew, but the resulting skirt is keeping me feeling and looking super cool. Thanks, Hart's!

My Holyoke Skirt is a size 16, my typical Cashmerette size. I didn't make any fit changes. I did make a few minor construction changes, though: I opted not to include the in-seam pockets, because in-seam pockets are my personal nemesis. I also ended up topstitching the waistband for a little bit more structure. I used a knit interfacing to keep things light, but it was a little bit flimsy for the front waistband.

I absolutely love that the Holyoke has a front waistband with elastic in the back. You know I have deep love for elasticated waistbands and pull-on skirts and pants. It makes for a super comfortable skirt that is forgiving as my belly bloats and shrinks, but is also flattering with its flat front. I also love the clever way that the instructions have you insert the elastic at the back.

The Holyoke has a faux button placket down the front with 8 buttons that sewn right through both plackets. I only used 7 buttons because that's how many I had in my stash. I skipped the lowest button so my lowest button hits right at my knee. 

I found the button placket gaped slightly between the top two buttons, so I ended up topstitching the plackets down from the waistband to the bottom button.

I love this skirt so much! The pattern and fabric combination are spot on: so floaty and swishy and dramatic, especially in this color! This skirt captured my heart in such a way that I finished it at 10 pm on July 4 (hand-sewed the buttons on while watching Stranger Things) and then wore it to work the next morning. 

My second warning of this post: while easy and quite pleasant to walk in, this long, full skirt is a tripping hazard on stairs and gets caught under the rollers on your office chair. Ha!

I paired my Holyoke skirt with my cropped linen Closet Case Patterns Kalle, but I think it will work with a boxy top like my Seamwork Bo, a slim t-shirt like my Seamwork Mesa, and even a coordinating top for a two-piece setacular.

Such a fun project! Thanks for the fabric, Hart's!

PS: trying out new blog photo spots at my house. I think this one (my tiny front porch) has potential, but I may need to move the hanging plant so I don't get beaned: