Thursday, May 30, 2019

Twin Jenny Trousers (with bonus Bo and Dartmouth)


These matching pants, the Jenny Trousers from Closet Case Patterns, were not entirely intentional, but I am not mad about how fabulous they turned out!

I actually made the pair my mom is wearing as a fit test for my sister, who requested a pair of Jenny Overalls. The pants ended up too big for her (I think she measured her low waist, not true waist), but it turned out that they worked perfectly for my mom! 

I had also cut a pair out for myself at the same time so I could do some production-line style sewing.

Both pairs of Jenny trousers are the cropped version with no pockets and one lapped side zipper. I think I may have shortened both pairs by 2.5 inches, which was the length I liked best on me. On my shorty mom, that's still full length... ha!

My mom's are a size 14 and mine are a size 18. The fit is spot-on for both!!

The fabric is Kaufman's Essex cotton/linen, perfect for summer. This is one of Erin Dollar's Cotton and Flax prints, from the Arroyo line.

Somehow, after a sale at, I ended up with oodles of this fabric. I love the modern, interesting, yet neutral print. 

I paired my Jenny Trousers with a brand new Seamwork Bo, size 14, made from Kaufman Brussels Washer linen I bought at the Imagine Gnats shop last year. I love it! The cropped, boxy top is perfect for the high-waisted Jenny trousers.

My mom paired her Jenny trousers with a hand-me-down from me. This is my tester version of the Cashmerette Darmouth top, which was running a bit small at the time of testing, so it didn't fit me. I used some really high-quality rayon-lycra for my test version, so I was happy when it fit my mom.

I love how these pants turned out! I imagine both of us will get a lot of wear out of them this summer!

I'm also delighted with my versatile Seamwork Bo and the fact that my mom is getting a lot of wear out of my hand-me-down Dartmouth!