Thursday, February 27, 2014

Too Legit To Quit

To quit making toddler-sized genie pants, that it.
Another day, another pair (or two) of MC Hammer pants.

As a seasoned (sorta) expat, I feel it is my duty to mock tourists in Southeast Asia who purchase and immediately don elephant themed genie pants around town. Many times I see large groups of people (adults! tour buses full!) wearing matching elephant genie pants around town.  A bit ridiculous. But making matching elephant themed genie pants for my toddling nieces?  No problem.

I used Suburbia Soup's "You Call It" pants pattern again after my first pair (in batik) was such a big hit, both for Zoe and for the internets (it's one of my most visited posts!).  The fabric is from Chatuchak weekend market.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five and Ten Designs Patchwork Jumper

I've had the Five and Ten Designs Volume One pattern in my stash for months now, but just got around to making something from it now.  Volume One is pretty cool: one basic bodice pattern, but instructions for 10 different fun ways to modify it.

 The plaid patchwork fabric, from the sale bin at a local Bangkok store, inspired this simple button-front version of the dress pattern for Zoe. I didn't want to attempt any of the more complicated designs with such a busy fabric.  As it was, the seams on the patchwork interfered with the armpit seams a bit, making it a bit lumpy... here's hoping big Z doesn't notice!

I lined the bodice with some thin red polka dot fabric from Martha's stash, used buttons from Chatuchak weekend market, and ironed in my new labels from ananemone on Etsy.  
Pretty cute!!

It's probably gonna be big on Zoe- I made size 4- but I figure she could wear t-shirt or blouse underneath until it fits better.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gwen Slouchy Beret

I needed a knitting project to keep me occupied during our recent trip to Cambodia... something small and portable, with an easy-to-follow pattern.  I've been wanting to make one of those slouchy, beret-style hats for a while now.  Not that I have much call for a hat here in Bangkok, but useful when traveling to chillier climes!

I poked around on Ravelry a bit and found this cute (and free!) pattern for a lacey, slouchy beret: the Gwen Slouchy Beret.  It worked with a yarn that I already had in my stash: the super soft and light Patons Silk Bamboo (thanks, Jamie!).

The pattern was super easy to follow, knitted up really quickly and I am very happy with the final result!  I like how you can wear it two different ways and it still looks good: sort of hanging off the back of your head or down over your ears. I also like that it took almost exactly one ball of the Silk Bamboo yarn.  I've got several balls of this yarn left in eggplant purple, peacock blue and more of the moss green.  Who wants a beret?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anita Pants in Ikat Ponte

Sorry for the break in posting!  Tim and I went to Cambodia for a week with friends... I didn't get photos of these pants before we left.  More on our trip coming soon at my other blog!

 After Thanksgiving, during the Black Friday sales, I bought this ikat print ponte fabric from Girl Charlee.  The color and pattern reminded me a lot of the traditional batik they make in Indonesia, the kind made using natural dyes.  I figured it would make a nice wrap dress or something.  Then, when perusing the sewing corner of ye olde interwebs, I got the crazy idea that the ponte could be used for some Anita Pants from Tessuti, slim, somewhat leggings-esque, angle-length pants.

I think they came out pretty cute!  I basted them together and decided to add width in the hips, thighs (shocking, I know), and crotch seam (yeah, I said crotch. what.) by using smaller seam allowances.  Without that teeny bit of extra help in those areas, I was worried they would split since the fabric was already stretched to the max there.  Other than that, by the book... a quick sew!

They're quite leggings-esque in the butt and thighs, but that's not unusual for me.  The lower leg is more pants-like.  Not sure I'll wear them with any top that doesn't cover my butt, because, in my mind, leggings are not pants. Also, I worry about camel toe.  I mean, I don't stay up nights, but it crosses my mind with regard to pants like these. But paired with a longer tunic or sweater?  That'll do, pig.

Next Tessuti pattern on my list: maybe the Suzy pants in slinky rayon challis?  perhaps the Tokyo jacket?  I've got both patterns, so you'll just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Neon Stripe Recess Raglan

While I had my serger threaded with the proper color thread, I used the scraps from my neon and grey striped Plantain to make a cute little Recess Raglan (remember I made the long sleeve version before?).  This is the three-quarters sleeve length with a band.

I made the 2T size... not sure if it will fit niece Zoe or niece Anna better. They can duke it out.

Pretty cute!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Addicted to Plantains

My name is Meg and I am addicted to plantains.  More accurately, Plantains, Deer and Doe's perfect (and perfectly free!) t-shirt pattern

I realized my sleeve was flipped up for all of these photos... here, now you don't see it!

This is my third version of the Plantain (numbers 1 and 2), made with a super soft cotton jersey knit from Girl Charlee, this neon coral and heather gray mini stripe that I got during the shop's Black Friday sale.  I love seeing the differences in the final result depending on the fabric choice.  I lengthened the sleeve by about an inch, serged all the seams,  sewed the hems with my double-needle.  

Love it!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Fabric, Two Tops

Tim and I went to Bangkok's Chinatown last weekend as it seemed to be one of the few places unaffected by the Bangkok Shutdown protests. When Tim volunteers to go to the fabric area, I don't say no.  Plus we wanted to get some noodles and check out a temple we read about. 

We had an agenda for the fabric shopping, on a hunt for fabrics to go with specific patterns, but I also picked up three meters of this soft and flowy mystery fabric with a print that I dig.  I liked the mustard/olive background color, the feel of the fabric, and the price (55 baht per meter = $1.67 per meter right now).  I had one top in mind for it, but ended up with enough fabric for two, so, boom.  Two tops for $5?  Don't mind if I do.

First: the Weekend Getaway Blouse by Liesl & Co.  I had made this shirt a few months ago and liked it, but didn't love it.  I think it was a poor fabric choice on my part- not drapey enough.  Also, it was a bit too big for me.  So, on this one I went down a size and used my new mystery fabric.  I am gonna give it another emphatic "Meh."  I think it's just not the pattern for me... too boxy, yes?  

Also: this fabric was hard to work with.  Slippery as hell, making it difficult to cut.  It looked like a dog had chewed it vaguely along the pattern lines after I was done with it.  Sigh.

Second: the Meghan peasant blouse by Sis Boom, a personal favorite of mine.  I'd never made this pattern in anything but quilting-weight cotton, so I was curious about how it would work in a drapey-er fabric.  Pretty well, methinks.  I used the remainder of the fabric, so it's somewhere between dress and tunic length right now, but I might chop it of to shirt length.