Thursday, February 27, 2014

Too Legit To Quit

To quit making toddler-sized genie pants, that it.
Another day, another pair (or two) of MC Hammer pants.

As a seasoned (sorta) expat, I feel it is my duty to mock tourists in Southeast Asia who purchase and immediately don elephant themed genie pants around town. Many times I see large groups of people (adults! tour buses full!) wearing matching elephant genie pants around town.  A bit ridiculous. But making matching elephant themed genie pants for my toddling nieces?  No problem.

I used Suburbia Soup's "You Call It" pants pattern again after my first pair (in batik) was such a big hit, both for Zoe and for the internets (it's one of my most visited posts!).  The fabric is from Chatuchak weekend market.