Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anita Pants in Ikat Ponte

Sorry for the break in posting!  Tim and I went to Cambodia for a week with friends... I didn't get photos of these pants before we left.  More on our trip coming soon at my other blog!

 After Thanksgiving, during the Black Friday sales, I bought this ikat print ponte fabric from Girl Charlee.  The color and pattern reminded me a lot of the traditional batik they make in Indonesia, the kind made using natural dyes.  I figured it would make a nice wrap dress or something.  Then, when perusing the sewing corner of ye olde interwebs, I got the crazy idea that the ponte could be used for some Anita Pants from Tessuti, slim, somewhat leggings-esque, angle-length pants.

I think they came out pretty cute!  I basted them together and decided to add width in the hips, thighs (shocking, I know), and crotch seam (yeah, I said crotch. what.) by using smaller seam allowances.  Without that teeny bit of extra help in those areas, I was worried they would split since the fabric was already stretched to the max there.  Other than that, by the book... a quick sew!

They're quite leggings-esque in the butt and thighs, but that's not unusual for me.  The lower leg is more pants-like.  Not sure I'll wear them with any top that doesn't cover my butt, because, in my mind, leggings are not pants. Also, I worry about camel toe.  I mean, I don't stay up nights, but it crosses my mind with regard to pants like these. But paired with a longer tunic or sweater?  That'll do, pig.

Next Tessuti pattern on my list: maybe the Suzy pants in slinky rayon challis?  perhaps the Tokyo jacket?  I've got both patterns, so you'll just have to wait and see!


  1. these are fabulous! i can't imagine making myself pants that are actually fitted. you will have to make more solid tops.... unless you are planning to make yourself an ikat suit... which could be fabulous....?

    1. Ha ha- they are only "fitted" in the sense that they are stretch pants. I mean, they have an elastic waist ;-) They're a baby step towards my goal of making real pants at some point this year.

      And you're so right: I have no solid tops to wear with this. Put it on the list!!