Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family-style Rolled Spinach and Cheddar Omelet

Wow, this little rolled omelet trick from the other Martha is a potential brunch revolutionizer!

No more slaving over the stove to make individual omelets (that inevitably break or spill their filling) for your brunch guests! Instead, make one giant, flat, open-faced omelet on a lipped cookie sheet in the oven, roll it (as pictured below) into a fancy-looking spiral , and cut off however much each guest wants....Super simple to make, serves 4, looks cool and could easily be done with any of your typical omelet ingredients. Ours was CSA spinach and cheddar cheese, but if the guests want different fillings, you could just lay the fillings out over the eggs in lengthwise stripes and cut the servings along the stripes after you roll. Awesome.

This will definitely be thrown into my easy, no-brainer dinner rotation.

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