Monday, July 1, 2013

Pattern Blocked Scout Tee

Q: Which one of the three design features on this iteration of Grainline's Scout Woven Tee was intentional?

a) The contrast stitching

b) The diagonal pattern blocking

c) The button down back

A: If you guessed b, you are correct!  I had this awesome pattern blocking tutorial by Mad Mim bookmarked for months now- I love the diagonal line (not to mention her awesome hand stamping)!  I had big plans to use my trusty Grainline Scout t-shirt pattern as the basis for my pattern blocked tee, but somehow these plans didn't come to fruition until this week. My impetus: a few weeks ago I saw that Kollabora and Sown Brooklyn were hosting a Scout Tee sewalong/contest and I decided that this was the perfect reason to put my well-laid pattern blocking plans into action.

The other two design elements (the button back and the contrasting stitching) were pretty much accidental.  I didn't have enough black fabric to cut the back on the fold (hence the button back) and I (in)conveniently ran out of black thread right before sewing (cue white contrast stitching).  But I kinda dig the result, so we'll call them happy accidents...

Here are the deets: black cotton fabic from Pasar Mayestik plus some really cool black, white and minty green geometric/floral batik (scraps from another Grainline Scout Tee as well as a Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank I made as Christmas presents for Martha and Chuck, respectively).  For the front I followed Mad Mim's directions pretty much to a "T" (har har), and for the back, I traced the pattern piece not on the fold but cut two separate pieces that I extended out 2 extra inches at the inner seam.  Before adding the bias tape to the neckline I zig-zagged the inner edge of both back pieces and then pressed each of them under 1 inch to make the button plackets, which I top-stitched down.  Add buttonholes, buttons and ta-da!  I also lengthened the top a little bit- an inch or so.


  1. So, do you have your own line at Target yet? Seriously.

  2. I would totally buy your line of clothes!

  3. And I realize that this is post is from last year, but I was admiring your Me Made May outfits say this great looking shirt.