Friday, November 23, 2018

Sew Frosting: Velveteen Simplicity 1067

Frosting ahoy!

I've been wanting to make some sort of velvet-y blazer jacket thing for well over a year now. I finally got an excuse to just do it with True Bias and Closet Case Patterns' Sew Frosting sewing prompt and the conveniently timed Ottawa Frocktails!

Last fall I bought a length of this gorgeous, rich-looking red cotton velveteen from Delectable Mountain Cloth, one of the few (non-quilting) fabric stores in (super southern) Vermont. This place is crazy. It's very much Tina Givens in a store form. Lace, velvet, silks, linens, ornate buttons and beads... basically Sew Frosting porn.

Anywho, this luxurious (and yet washable!) velveteen struck my fancy and I walked away with it. I had originally intended to use it for this Style Arc Dorothy Woven Jacket, but there was something weird going on with the sleeve that I was having trouble fixing in my muslin. So I set it aside for a year or so. 

Sew Frosting reignited my velveteen jacket quest... I switched patterns to Simplicity 1067, an unlined coat pattern in two lengths, with options for a massive hood, massive shawl collar, or a more squared-off open collar. I had admired versions of this pattern from Seammachine and Paula Loves to Sew.

I was slightly worried that the belted red velveteen coat would feel a bit too Santa Claus, particularly at this time of year. Or that it would veer into Hugh Hefner smoking jacket territory. But in the end, I really love it and feel I've successfully steered clear of any weird cultural references.

This is View C, the shorter, smaller collar version. I chose size 18 graded to a 20 at the hip. Warning: this pattern is straaaiiiggghhhtt along the side seams. No shaping. The only other fit change I made after my muslin, was to lengthen it by 2 inches to cover my bum. That may have messed with the proportions slightly, but ehhhh.

The pattern calls for interfacing both the center front bodice pieces as well as the center front facings. I wanted to maintain some of the drape from the fabric, though, so I opted only to interface the facings. They also wanted the pockets fully interfaced, but I just interfaced the top edge of the pocket, for the same reason.  

I bias bound all the seam allowances with some paisley cotton lawn left over from this shirt I made my mom a couple years back. So pretty!

I also, in an uncharacteristic, but increasingly common move, hand sewed all my hems. At the last minute. With a head lamp on.

Love those insides:

I really love my jacket. It's not perfect. It's a little bit bulkier than I would have hoped, especially in the waist area, and definitely a little bit more coat and less blazer than I intended, but I still think it's beautiful.

The color is just stunning, the velveteen is super stroke-able, and I think I'll actually get a lot of wear out of it!

Here I'm wearing it with my Frocktails outfit, a sparkly Seamwork Adria crop top and wool gabardine Closet Case Patterns Jenny Trousers (more on those soon!), but I also think it will be fabulous with jeans... and its definitely holiday-wear, appropriate for the season!

Thanks for the Sew Frosting spark, Kelli and Heather!