Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Summery Style Arc Loren Jacket

Another day, another jacket... this time an unseasonably summer-y jacket!

This is the Style Arc Loren Jacket, just like my silver version from several weeks back.

Chronologically, this version was made first, and was originally meant to be part of my Montreal Frocktails outfit, but I realized it had way too much of a summer vibe for that winter party. 

Same size as my previous Loren Jacket, no fit or construction changes. 

This version is made from a lovely silky cotton in a sort of oil-spill print. I've had the fabric for a while now. I purchased it when I lived in Bangkok at the Jim Thompson factory outlet, so it's really nice quality.

I love the jacket! It will be great in warmer weather, I just felt it had too much of a Miami-vice vibe for a winter cocktail party, which is why I made my silver version