Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Testing, testing: Muna and Broad Sculthorpe Pant

So excited to share my tester version of the latest from Muna and Broad, the Sculthorpe Pants!

I was a tester for this pattern, so I received the pattern and a stipend for fabric and notions from Muna and Broad

The Sculthorpe Pants are ankle length tapered pants with an elastic waist. They have side panels that feature a V-shaped pocket, a generous rise, and ample room through the crotch to accommodate large bodies. 

Like all Muna and Broad patterns, the Sculthorpe Pants cover hip sizes 46.5 - 71.5 inches.

Did you know Muna and Broad will also grade any their patterns up for you if their current size range doesn't cover your needs. How's that for service?! Other makers can "pay-it-forward" and add a couple bucks to their order to support Muna and Broad in this radical inclusivity.

For my Sculthorpe Pants, I went with size iii, the smallest size. I was really happy with the fit of my Glebe pants, so I made the same size here, which corresponded with my measurements on the Muna and Broad size chart.

Check out the tester round-up on the Muna and Broad blog to see the Sculthorpes in more sizes!

This pair of Sculthorpe Pants ended up a little bit more cropped than intended because of an error during testing (which has since been fixed, of course), but the cropped look is cute for summer, methinks! 

My fabric is a linen, I believe, with a strong twill weave. I purchased it at my favorite shop when I lived in Bangkok. It wrinkles when you look at it wrong, which you can see from the photos. Here I had a) put the freshly ironed pants on and b) walked downstairs. And yet they look like I've been wearing them all day!

I am pretty in love with the fit on these Sculthorpe Pants! Great crotch fit, lovely taper. 

And those pockets! The V-shape is really cool and the pockets are big, but not too big.

The paneled, topstitched legs provide a bit of nice detail. I could see making these with cool contrasting topstitching at some point to highlight those panel seams.

These Sculthorpe Pants are pretty fabulous. Cool, minimalist Elizabeth Suzanne Clyde pants vibes, but in a self-sewn, plus-size kind of way. I've already made a second pair! 


  1. Those look great! Maybe I'll try grading it down to my size... it would only be about one size.

  2. Beautiful pants - I like the length as shown but I'm getting sympathetic ankle shivers. :D This is a super stylish pattern and I love the company mission!

  3. Love those pants but would need 1 size smaller. Do you think that would be difficult to adjust? I've never done that!

  4. Interesting that the plus size pattern companies do not cater for those of us who are smaller, but there is such insistence that all 'conventional' pattern producers extend their sizing into the plus range! As a chubby petite, I would love to make the Muna and Broad Torrens top pattern -- but the sizing range does not extend down to my standard size 12. I notice Cashmerette now offer a group of their patterns as size 12 --- but the bust and waist measurements for the Cashmerette 12 seems waaaay larger than conventional 12. Apologies for the rant, but there seems to be a real divide developing in the scope of pattern companies, and the pressure to extend seems to apply only to the established companies....

  5. Interesting pants pattern. I may be inspired to try them. A very smart looking outfit. Can I ask what the top pattern is?

  6. Great outfit meg. You look super chic x