Thursday, March 16, 2023

Enid-style Granny Go Round Jumper

Loosely inspired by the cheerful and chunky knits worn by Enid, the roommate in Wednesday, and aiming to use up some yarn from my stash, I crocheted this fun sweater for my niece!

Enid wears a series of cheerful pastel sweaters in the show. Of course this crochet sweater is not an exact replica of anything of them, but inspired by it. 

This is the Iron Lamb Granny Go Round Jumper, again. This is my third time making this pattern so it goes pretty quickly at this stage!

This is a size S for my niece, whose measurements were closer to an XS, but I wanted her to have room and my gauge was ever so slightly smaller with this yarn.

I think I might have made the bodice 2-3 rows shorter than the pattern calls for, for more of a cropped length. 

The yarn is Patons Grace, a mercerized cotton yarn in DK weight. I’d say it’s on the thinner end of DK, personally. It’s got a nice sheen to it.

I’ve had the green (ginger) yarn in my stash for years, but found that it’s really not my color. I also didn’t have quite enough of it for a whole sweater so I bought the pink (lotus) and purple (orchid) to supplement. And the Enid sweater was born!

It turned out so cute... it looks fabulous on her and I think she likes it paired with her favorite high waist, wide leg jeans. I also think she'd like a Wednesday-style sweater, too. Maybe a black and white crochet vest

Interesting poses are model's own ;-)