Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ruffly Crocheted Scarf

Sorry for the break in postings... just recently got back from a trip to sunny Florida where we lounged on the beach for a week. While on the beach, my constant crocheting of this ruffly scarf helped me to fit in with the aging crowd that hangs out down there. And the scarf got finished just in time for Mother's Day, although I'd put money on the fact that it won't be worn until at least October. Time for some cotton knitting projects!
For the scarf I used Lion Brand Yarn's "Homespun" in lagoon. This yarn is kinda "rustic" in texture (lumpy), which works out for me because it covers flaws pretty well. I followed one of their free patterns, which worked out quite well. I made only one change to the pattern, which was to add a 5th row of stitching- one single crochet in each of the double crochets in the previous row- both because I wanted to widen the piece a little bit and because I had extra yarn leftover.