Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My first cable project and all went well! Cables: not as intimidating as I thought.  They just require a lot more attention than stockinette or garter stitch...

I liked this pattern, Declan's Hat.  My complaints are twofold, though:  first, there are some mistakes in the PDF pattern that are sorta mentioned on the Ravelry page, but only sorta.  Round 9 should read, I think, "k2, p3, 2/1 LPC, p3, 2/1 RPC, p3."  I definitely had to frog a half made hat when I realized that line had not 1, but 3 mistakes.  Secondly, I had some trouble with the instructions "cddp" at the top of each cable.  I tried looking up the term on the internet, but I'm still not sure I did it right.  In the end, everything looked pretty good, though!  I added a pom-pom to cover up some of the messiness at the top of the hat.

Hat is made in Berroco Comfort yarn.

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