Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pep in my step...

Buoyed by my success with Tim's plaid Negroni shirt, I attempted a pattern that had been sitting on my shelf, staring me down and trying to intimidate me for months.  Three fears conquered on this project:  adjusting darts, installing a zipper and wearing peplums!  Woot!

This top, which looks like a whole lot of nothing on the hanger, was made using the Vogue 8815 peplum top pattern (view B) and this Bromley "Ikat Burst" fabric.  I bought it back in 2012, when the peplum trend was in full swing.  Hopefully it's still socially acceptable to wear peplums.  I wasn't sure I could pull off the peplum look, but Stacy and Clinton are advocates of the slimming silhouette, so here I am.

This shirt is ridiculously easy.  The only change I had to make to the pattern was to lengthen and angle the bust darts out a bit.  Other than that, pretty simple.  Even the zipper was not too bad!  It's not the most even zipper ever installed, but, hell, it zips and I am not embarrassed by it.  Black on black helps for camouflaging, too.  Thanks for the zipper encouragement, Colleen!

I would definitely make this pattern again, although I might consider altering the neckline, as this one is a bit strangle-y.  Next time I might try the view C option with the high-low peplum (aka the mullet peplum).  Perhaps a stretch or ponte version? We shall see.

Omg, I am pale.  Not sure this is the best color for me...