Thursday, April 3, 2014

Floral Sureau Dress

After my (many, many) successes with Deer and Doe's free Plantain pattern, I bit the bullet and ordered some more Deer and Doe patterns from their shop.  Their plan worked!  I am now a committed D&D customer.  I bought Sureau, Datura and Belladone, specifically. 
First up: Sureau!

I thought there were lots of similarities between the Sureau pattern and Megan Nielsen's Darling Ranges dress, but I was hoping that my Sureau wouldn't ultimately be balled up on the shelf out of frustration like my attempt at Darling Ranges.  I abandoned my Darling Ranges after some seriously wonky dart issues and haven't had the guts to tackle it again.  In contrast, the Sureau bodice fit right out of the envelope... win!  It's hard to tell in the print fabric, but here's a zoom-in on the bodice front and back:

I didn't make any changes to the pattern with the exception of lengthening the skirt slightly (2", because I am an old lady) and using a shorter zipper (9", because that's all I had in the appropriate color).  Also, I stay-stitched the neckline at the beginning to make sure it didn't get bent out of shape (good thinking, Meg, pat on the back.). I left off the bodice buttons because I was concerned that it was veering in the Little House on the Prairie direction, which nobody wants (ok, maybe somebody wants it, but not me).  The fabric is a lovely cotton floral from BelleBoo here in Bangkok.

I like it best with a belt:

I like this pattern a lot: the bodice is great and pretty flattering, methinks.  The sleeves may be a leeeetle baggy, but nothing terrible. I am already scheming about what other ways I can use this bodice since it fits so well!!  I wonder how it would look:

a) with short sleeves (this short sleeve version from the Nerdy Seamstress looks pretty awesome);

b) in a solid fabric to show off the bodice gathering details more;

c) as a peplum top (the pattern envelope has a drawing of a peplum top, but no "cut here for peplum" line or any instructions.... I wonder if I could substitute a more circle-skirt style peplum from another pattern, like Hawthorn or Vogue 8815?)


  1. Heyyyy, that is a great-looking dress! It is so flattering on you! I actually like it better without the belt, which I think is a big compliment to your fitting because there are so many home-sewn dresses in blogland that look awful until someone puts a belt on them. I love the fabric too. (Also I don't think the buttons would be too Laura Ingalls Wilder, but then I might be the type who wants Little House on the Prairie).

    1. Thanks!! I am super excited about it... each time I put it on I love it more. I might play around with different buttons. Maybe the ones in my stash were just not right. This calls for a button-shopping trip!

  2. Your Sureau is beautiful! The fit is great!

    I, also, had a pickle of a time fitting Darling Ranges. It's been re-drafted with waist darts instead of bust darts. Just in case you have the old pattern, here's a tutorial on Meagan's blog showing how to do it:

    1. Thanks, Mela! I should definitely give Darling Ranges another go. I first made it when I was relatively new to sewing (and to darts), so I gave up too easily when faced with the challenge.

    2. Same here! I tried when I was still new and just could make those darts work. Hope it works out!