Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dude Sewing: Juba Shorts for Men

Shorts!  For dudes!

When Rachael at Imagine Gnats released the Juba shorts pattern and it included an option for men's shorts, I decided it was a sign. Must make shorts for Tim. Must continue quest to make men's clothes. Eventually I must master the zip fly.  But for now, baby steps. Casual, tie/elastic waist shorts to start.

I decided to use this fun pre-patchworked fabric I got on clearance at a local store here in Bangkok. Mayhaps not the best choice as it's quite lightweight.  But I forged ahead nonetheless, topstitching the seam allowances down for extra strength.

Sadly, my patchwork shorts for Tim may have to be limited to lounging around the house.  The crotch is super low (although when I look at the photos, it looks normal?). That, combined with the thinness of the fabric, makes me worry that he'll split them up the center seam if he wears them out and about.

I think I might have made a size too big... they're a bit roomy all around.  Or perhaps it's a simple fitting alteration: shortening the length from waist to crotch and then lengthening the legs.  I'm not sure, but I will definitely try making these Juba shorts again, as they have a lot of potential to be a weekend wardrobe staple. Tim's been eyeing the stretch chambray I just got from the Imagine Gnats shop, but he'll have to fight me for it! Juba shorts for me, too?

Until then, please enjoy these photo session outtakes below!!

Google+ decided these photos of Tim making weird faces and strangely grabbing his stomach were GIF-able:

And that this one was "auto-awesome"-worthy... I guess it is automatically awesome when you grow a third arm directly out of your existing forearm... imagine how much sewing I could get done with a third arm!!:


  1. I really like these, and have been toying with the idea of making some for my husband too. Some for lounging around the house and some in a heavier weight for out and about too. They don't look like the fit is too off. In the pair I made for myself, I went with my hip size and then shaved a little off the waistband and I used a bit shorter length of elastic to keep the fit a bit snugger. Looking forward to seeing yours!

    1. Yeah, I think I need to just make a few tweaks and it will be a great go-to pattern for Tim and I am definitely planning to make myself some!

    2. um, yeah! I would like a third arm too!! cute shorts :)

    3. Fingers crossed my third arm grows in soon! These have become Tim's favorite lounging-around-the-house shorts. I need to make them in a sturdier fabric for wearing out and about!