Monday, December 8, 2014

Stripey Bonnie

I've been meaning to buy and try out a Bluegingerdoll pattern for a while now, but the two newest patterns, Violet and Bonnie, pushed me to dive in. The Christmas sale helped, too! Since the Bonnie sewalong was still going on, I decided to start with that... 

My Bonnie sweater is view B, the cropped, scoop-neck, 3/4 sleeve version. I was a bit worried that the cropped version would look ridiculous on me, but I loved the cropped versions I saw popping up around ye olde interwebs. In the end, I am digging it! Methinks it has a bit of a Joan vibe to it... I can imagine her wearing Bonnie with a pencil skirt to the office. I wish I had Joan's waist definition, but I wore it proudly to work today anyway!

The fabric, from Girl Charlee, is "Minty Heather Blue Stripe Hacci Sweater Knit" that I bought earlier this year. They don't seem to have it in stock right now, but do have lots of other cool Hacci sweater knits. It's a really lightweight sweater knit, soft and drapey. The mint stripes are fairly sheer, and the darker stripes are mint and black marled (is that a word?). 

I am quite proud of my stripe matching down the sleeves and side seams, although I totally forgot to take a photo of it. Lots of careful single layer cutting plus some fork pins for the win! Slightly less jazzed with my stripe matching on the armscyes, but it's still pretty good. Also, perhaps I should have considered the striping on the band a bit more. It's straight and matches around, but is a bit weird, placement-wise, up and down (does that make sense?).

Have you made Bonnie yet? Loving it?