Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Seasonally Inappropriate Sewing: Mini Sutton Blouse

Oh man, I started this Mini Sutton Blouse for my niece so many months ago, back when it was seasonally appropriate for her!

I don't know what happened, but for some reason after starting it this past summer I set it aside and then forgot to finish it for several months. And now it's deep into autumn for my niece and the blouse is no longer timely!

Well, hopefully she can wear it with an underlayer now and then her sister can fit in it next spring/summer? Here she is, hamming it up/making weird faces and doing weird poses while wearing the blouse. Thanks for the photos, Mom!

The fabric is this adorable number-printed quilting weight cotton from my mom's stash. The pink and white swirl buttons are from my favorite button stand at Bangkok's Chatuchak market... they're a bit oversized for the pattern, but I love them anyway.

I made view B of the Mini Sutton Blouse pattern; I wanted to avoid a seam down the front breaking up the large print. But, I loved my buttons so much that I decided to put them on both shoulders, rather than just one.

Anywho... the Mini Sutton Blouse: cute, great for showing off fun buttons! I love the split side hem in particular. So cute!