Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Testing, testing: True Bias Men's Hudson Pant

These are my tester version of the Men's Hudson Pant, the manly version of everybody's favorite Hudson Pant from True Bias.

I was a bit worried that Tim wouldn't like them. It's not a style of pants that he wears normally, but once he put them on, I wasn't sure he would take them off.

The fabric is cranberry french terry from Fashion Fabrics Club (which I also used for this Lane Raglan sweatshirt a few months ago). I might regret using it since the recovery is not great, but the weight was perfect for these pants.

My waist tie here is one I salvaged from a pair of my old pajama pants that had bitten the dust.

The Men's Hudson Pant is super easy to sew up, just like the Hudson Pant for women.

Please note that these are the tester version of the Men's Hudson Pant, and some fit changes have been made to the pattern since testing, including taking some extra fabric from the back crotch/thigh.

Also note: these pictures were taken on the day of the one Mets win during the World Series, hence Tim's happy face and Mets paraphernalia. If you run across him, don't mention the World Series to him or you will face his wrath.