Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Plum Harper Tunic

Am I the only one who has a to-sew list a page long, but ends up making completely random, off-queue projects?

This project was NOT on my list, but somehow materialized when I was perusing my stash one day this week to distract myself from my assorted worries. 

This is the Elizabeth Suzann Harper Tunic, a fun, oversized, boxy tunic with a slightly high-low hem, option for cut-on short sleeves or longer sleeves, a high neckline, and a single, roomy, angled pocket. 

My measurements put me at the low end of size OSP2, which is the same size I made for my Georgia top, so that's what I went with for my Harper, too. 

I opted for the long sleeves... here they are at their full length, although I prefer the look of them rolled up a couple times:

The fabric I used for my Harper tunic is a lovely plum colored chambray shirting with a cool sort of cross-hatch texture. I bought it in New York's garment district on a trip a few years ago, with the fabulous Carolyn and Claire... we even, on pure coincidence, ran into Marcy at Mood.

Sigh... remember back when we used to be able to travel and go on adventures and hang out with cool people?! Anyway, I can't remember the name of the store we went to, but I was very restrained and this is all I bought.

The Harper tunic has quite a high neckline. Barely fits over my head, to be honest!

I used the neck binding piece included in the pattern. It seemed a little bit small to me... it's not my neatest binding application, with some wrinkling around the neckline. 

I interfaced the top, angled edge of the pocket, figuring it might stretch out or sag with use since it's on the bias. It seems to be holding up pretty well!

I haven't quite figured out how the underarm was supposed to be sewn. Mine is a little bunchy there. Perhaps I should have clipped into the corner before serging.

Is it a giant smock? Yes. Do I feel very much like an elementary school art teacher who moved to a Vermont farm to focus on her pottery business? Yes. Do I kinda love it? Also yes.

I'm really into it... I wore it here with my Cashmerette Belmont leggings, layered over a long-underwear top for warmth. I'm not normally a tunic and leggings-as-pants person, but these are not normal times, so here we are:


  1. Not the only one! I think the only reason I have a sewing plan is to clarify what I'm choosing not to sew when a "must make now" imperative strikes.

    Dig the artist vibe!

  2. "Do I feel very much like an elementary school art teacher who moved to a Vermont farm to focus on her pottery business?" Haha, I love it! And no, you're not alone in having a long list of sewing projects and still start on something completely different... :o

  3. This is the message I get when I tried Elizabeth Suzann's website:
    Elizabeth Suzann has closed. I plan to return in some form soon, and I am currently working on establishing this new business and updating the website accordingly. If you need anything in the meantime, please reach out to support@elizabethsuzann.com and feel free to sign up for the newsletter to receive updates.

  4. Me again. If you want to sign up for her newsletter, here's the link:


  5. That looks great on you! The colour really suits you and the rolled up sleeve is a nice touch.

  6. Love it but do agree about the neckline.

  7. Your first comment describes me also! I think that it may be an avoidance tactic when I am not totally sure about the Final outcome.

  8. It is a beautiful top! It looks great and .... keep up your mood for the next sewing project! I love to see more!

  9. I love this colour 😍😍😍 Love this whole look, Meg!