Saturday, October 24, 2020

Olive Arden Pants

 I've been on a bit of a pantscapade recently... an elastic waist odyssey, if you will.

Today's is the Helen's Closet Arden Pants pattern, a "classic elastic-waist pant" with front slash pockets, back patch pockets, and options jogger-style cuffs in two different widths. 

Note: I received a copy of the Arden Pants for free from Helen's Closet. I was not obligated to make the pattern or write about it.

Because of some fabric constraints, I opted for Arden View B with the more narrow cuff, suited to 1.5" elastic. I think I would have preferred the elastic-less hems, but I didn't have enough length in my fabric. 

The fabric is olive stretch twill left over from this pencil skirt I made a few years back (it never really fit how I wanted it to...). I love the color. It's perhaps a bit thick for the Arden pattern, but not the end of the world.

I didn't have quite enough of the main olive fabric for the pocket bags, so I used some scraps of batik from my stash, with a little triangle of the main fabric at the hip (same idea as what I did for these Glebe pants earlier in the year). I just did one patch pocket on the back.

I cut a size 20, which worked out well! I wish the rise was a little bit higher. The pattern describes it as a high rise, but for me it's firmly in the medium-rise camp (to be fair, I think most of my height is in my torso). 

I went for a clean finish on the cuffs and waistband so I didn't have a serged seam scratching my belly and legs. I find my skin is really sensitive in winter to stuff like that.

In the end, after wearing them around and looking at my initial round of photo, I ultimately took the elastic out of the cuffs and just sewed them back up empty for more of a regular cuff look:

The pants were too short to wear with boots without showing a lot of sock, I actually found the elastic to be uncomfortable on my legs, and I think the look was a little clumsy in my thicker fabric. 

Much better for me! I like how they hang a bit better without the elastic:

I also like how the Arden pattern has instructions for lots of double topstitching details throughout. It gives the seams extra strength and a cool look (which you definitely can't see in these photos, sorry!).

Pretty happy with these! I am definitely pushing it a bit with this weight fabric, but the Arden pattern is a great basic pant for lighter weight fabric!


  1. I agree with you the pants are better without the elastic at the cuffs.

  2. Great post! Helpful to see pics both ways, with your info on how the fabric feels to you in both iterations.

  3. Great post! Helpful to see pics both ways, with your info on how the fabric feels to you in both iterations.

  4. I just ordered this pattern! So looking forward to making them up now that you reviewed them. I am 5'8". Do you think I need to add to the leg length? Thank you for all you do. Mary_in_AZ

  5. I would agree with them looking better without the elasticated cuffs. Interesting to see them made up in twill, I have some dark green stretch cotton twill that I am planning to make into a pair of Arden pants.
    So far, I only made them as shorts in a linen-blend and the rise came quite high on my body.