Monday, October 12, 2020

Plum Free Range Slacks

 While I had my Free Range Slacks pattern out I sewed myself another pair!

I've been a bit desperate for more comfortable, casual, winter weight pants. 
Many of my winter pants are more office-appropriate, and I don't really need that these days. Also, many of my casual pants and jeans just aren't fitting right now.

I had some plum stretch twill in my stash from my favorite Bangkok fabric shop and decided to cut myself another pair of Free Range Slacks since I liked the twill version I made late last year so much.

Say, Meg, didn't you just make yourself a pair of perfectly pleasant plum pants a couple years back? 
Why yes, yes I did. And they definitely were pretty unforgiving as far as fit goes, so I can't wear them anymore. They have gone to a better place (namely Becky's offspring, who looks amazing in them!).

These Free Range Slacks, with their elastic waist and hint of stretch, are incredibly comfy.

This is Version 1, the tapered leg version of the Free Range Slacks pattern. Size 16, like my last couple pairs.

Since I was using a thicker fabric, I decided to use some soft double gauze scraps (leftover from my Torrens Box Top) as the waistband facing. I had done the same with my other Free Range Slacks and really liked how the soft fabric felt on my belly.

Pretty happy with these plum pants! I think they'll slip easily into my regular rotation.