Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Double Gauze Torrens Box Top

After making my short-sleeved Muna and Broad Torrens Box Top, I knew I would soon make another!

This Torrens Box Top is the long-sleeved version, of course, in a cotton double gauze from my stash. I think it's a Kokka double gauze.

Unpopular opinion warning!: I think I like double gauze better in theory than in practice. It's really shifty to sew! Also wrinkly in a way that I usually only allow for in linen. But so soft. Hmm.

I pressed this top when I was sewing it, but then decided to lean into the wrinkliness, so I didn't press it after washing it! Rebel, right here.

This Torrens Box Top is a size bb, same as last time.

The newest version of the Torrens Box Top comes with two long-sleeve pattern pieces: regular and wide. The pattern recommends the regular sleeve for shirt-weight fabrics, so that's what I went with.

The sleeve piece is wide where it attaches to the bodice, but it tapers a lot towards the hem, which I like. On me the sleeves are 3/4 length; not sure if that's the intention or if they're meant to be full length? I don't mind though, because I think a bit of wrist looks nice with the boxy fitting top.

I really like this Torrens top! Simple, modern, cute. Fun color, and maybe I kinda like the wrinkles?