Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tarlee T-shirt and Turtleneck

 I'm on a knit garment roll these days... lots of t-shirts a couple weeks back, and now more t-shirts and a turtleneck!

This is one of the newer Muna and Broad patterns, the Tarlee t-shirt and turtleneck

Muna and Broad describe the Tarlee as "the perfect fitted-but-not-tight top that is great for layering or wearing alone," which I would concur with after making it. It's slim enough to slide under outer layers, but not clingy or tight so it can comfortable be worn alone, whether tucked in or not. 

The pattern comes with crew neck and turtleneck options, as well as short or long sleeves. I obviously tried all the options! 

I made the turtleneck, because it's definitely still turtleneck weather here in Vermont. But I also made a t-shirt while I was at it because I liked the fit of the turtleneck so much and I was able to eke the t-shirt out of the leftover fabric from the turtleneck.

For my Tarlees I went with a size D, which roughly meets my measurements.  The turtleneck size is chosen separately from the body, which is cool. I measured my neck and went with the turtleneck size T3 based on the instructions. I'm considering going up one turtleneck size for my next one; I was between sizes and this one is a teeny bit snug.

I was happy to see that on the Tarlee sleeves I didn't need a full bicep adjustment, a common adjustment for me. The only change I made was to lengthen the long sleeve by one inch after a quick tissue fit showed they might be a smidge short. 

I like how the short sleeves aren't too short. I find with really short sleeves, the sleeves try to find the path of least resistance and migrate towards my armpit to escape my biceps. 

The Tarlee has a shaped center-back seam that accounts of a high round neck and a swayback, which is pretty sweet. No above-butt bunching!  

In a solid color you can barely tell the seam is there. I think stripe matching across that back seam would definitely up the level of effort, but I think it would be worth it for the lovely fit.

The fabric I used for both Tarlees is a black rayon lycra jersey, I think? It's heavier weight than many rayon lycra blends I've worked with, which I like. I have no memory of when or where I got it. A mystery from my stash! 

Of course it's impossible (for me) to photograph black garments, especially in the dim winter light. Sorry about that!

Yes, I have a lot of A0 PDF print-outs!

I'm really happy with both of these Tarlees! They will definitely be wardrobe workhorses. And I'll be making more, for sure.

Now if you'll please excuse me, now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!


  1. Sprockets! 🤣 Those look like great basics....

  2. Loving both of these tops on you. For a lot of us we're living a top life with all those zoom new tops reviewed for us is a good thing!

  3. I'm so in shock you made black tees? 😉 but these both look very cozy and I'm sure they'll get lots of wear

  4. I love reading your reviews. Always so helpful. I like the back seam on a shirt so I can easily tell which is the back. Thanks for sharing! They look great!