Saturday, February 20, 2021

Jackson Tee x 3

Wardrobe workhorses over here... 

I don't seem to have the energy or attention span for anything more than simple knit garments these days. And that's ok, because there are lots of fun new simple knit garment patterns out there!

This is my take on the Helen's Closet Jackson Tee and Pullover... the Jackson is a gender-inclusive design with a slightly dropped shoulder and crew neck. There is a pullover view knit bands for the cuffs and the hem, or a tee version, both in two lengths.

Please note: I received a copy of the pattern for free from Helen's Closet. 

I was pretty delighted to see that the Jackson pattern is designed for low stretch knits, with a minimum of 10% cross-grain stretch. For some reason I have a lot of knits meeting that description... lots of 100% cotton knits and similarly un-stretchy knits.

I started out with the Jackson pullover for Tim. Based on his measurement I went with a size 18. This is a View D, the longer pullover with long sleeves and a hem band.

I lengthened the sleeves  by 2.5 inches and the body by 1/2 inch. I had originally lengthened the body by 2.5 inches, too, based on the recommendation in the instructions, but that was way too long for Tim (like it came down below the crotch line), so I chopped 2 inches back off.

The fabric is something Tim actually bought himself in Japan. A couple years back he had a long layover in Tokyo and I suggested to him that if he had time that he should stop by Tomato. And he actually did! He did a great job picking out fabrics, including this one. 

This fabric is a lovely, high quality quality french terry of some sort- smooth on one side and loops on the back. I don't know the content, but my guess is maybe bamboo with a hint of lycra? It's delightful to work with, whatever it is.

After making (and trying on!) Tim's Jackson, I decided to make a couple for myself. Both of my shirts are size 20 in View A, which is the shorter tee. 

The emerald green is a 100% cotton jersey (if you've been here for a while you might remember I made a much-loved and now stretched out, stained and retired Hey June Union St. Tee with this fabric SIX YEARS AGO I AM OLD).

The fabric for the white tee is a vintage fabric I stole from my mom's stash; I love the fun print!

She guesses she bought it in the early '80s. It's old enough that the edges of the print are starting to yellow a little bit, so I decided it was time to use it before it went totally yellow!  

I'm guessing it's also 100% cotton. Not sure. Super soft.

I'm really delighted with these Jacksons! Pleasantly oversized without being too, too slouchy. I like the not-quite-cropped hip length of the shorter tee, and Tim seems really happy with his pullover, too. We're already picking out fabrics for more!