Sunday, February 28, 2021

Mahogany Turban

 Sneaking in another February post...I had so many plans for Black History Month Pattern Designers challenge (#BHMPatternDesigners) hosted by Nateida of Sew Natural Dane and Keira of Island Sewcialist, but had some decision fatigue and only ended up with one project. But it was a good one!

I was intrigued when Alexis of Fibr & Cloth Studio release the Mahogany Turban pattern... could this be the "too lazy to wash my hair" solution I've been dreaming of?

My turban is made from leftover plum chambray cotton shirting from my Harper Tunic. I made the unlined version with elastic in the back (rather than pleats). 

The turban came together very quickly. I think the only construction change I made was to not double-fold the inner edge of the front tab; I just serged it. Then, when topstitching it, I stitched in the ditch so the stitching wouldn't show on the outside.

Size-wise, I was worried it would be too small because I have a big head, but it's definitely made with room for lots of hair. 

In fact, I ended up taking a bit out of the top seam along the crown and curving the back edge a bit to mirror the front because my elastic just wasn't pulling that pointy bit down. 

Sorry, forgot to take photos of the back, so you'll have to trust me on that! Alexis has a post on fitting the Mahogany Turban that's helpful. 

I like my turban! I still need to figure out how to wear it... bangs out or bangs in? I guess it depends on how dirty my bangs are, ha! Now: can I wear this in a video meeting for work? Or weekend wear only?