Thursday, March 4, 2021

Pink Pick-me-Up Pembroke

This is an older make, from late December, but it worked out perfectly to post it during Katie Kortman's Wear Happy Color pink/red week!

This was a Christmas-break spur-of-the-moment project: feeling chilly? a little depressed? have a piece of hot pink fleece in the stash that earmarked for your nieces? Well, here you go.

My ultimate beat-the-chill sweater is a high-necked turtleneck. My neck gets really cold in winter! 

One of my favorite, warmest turtleneck sweaters from recent years is my black fleece Cashmerette Pembroke tunic, so I thought I'd make another.

I poked through my stash to find a fabric that would work well for another Pembroke. This pink fleece, which is definitely not my color and was definitely not intended for me, was just the ticket for a cheery shortened, hip length Pembroke.

I cut the Pembroke, which comes in dress and tunic lengths, straight across at the hip notches, and then hemmed it about an inch to get this top length. I would maybe give it another inch next time!

My measurements have changed a bit lately, so I decided to go up a size from my last Pembroke, to an 18 C/D. The fleece doesn't have much stretch, so it's a little snug (or maybe I need to go up yet another size or cup size?). 

In any case, I've been wearing this tons since making it... it's incredibly cozy and warm with the super tall turtleneck.

And the bright pink is both cheerful on a grey winter day and really pops on a video meeting. I hope it's distracting from the circles under my eyes... in any case, it's quickly become a favorite!