Thursday, March 18, 2021

Glebe Pants Three Ways

I think I do this every year: I fall victim to one of the classic blunders

Namely, I succumb to the ruse that is fool's spring. Or maybe it's spring of deception. In any case, it gets me every year.

 It's March, the weather pops up over 40 degrees for one day and suddenly I'm sewing summer clothes as if we don't have 2.5 months of winter and/or mud left. 

Last March it was Glebe pants, and apparently this March it's Glebe pants again. But this time three pairs!

For all three pairs of Glebe Pants, I went with View A, the fully elastic waistband option. I opted to size up from the pairs I made last year to a size ii, which worked out smashingly. 

I lengthened the legs by 2 inches and hemmed them by 1.25 inches (I'm about 5'7"ish). 

The black pair is made from Elizabeth Suzann mid-weight linen in black purchased last summer (but they have it in stock again!). I will wear these every day (well, every day that I'm not wearing the other two pairs). 

Paired here with my Georgia top (for which there is a purchasable pattern now!). 

The print is a cotton/linen blend from LA Finch Fabrics. It's a little thinner and scratchier than I expected, but the print is really fun! 

A little bit pajama-like, but pretty delightful with this chartreuse Torrens top

The maroon is "silky noil" linen/rayon blend from Imagine Gnats before they closed (RIP, Imagine Gnats, you are missed!). Nice and swooshy. 

Paired here with my new Tarlee turtleneck

Now that my wide leg pants situation is sorted, it's on to the slim pants... I've got the new Birchgrove pattern ready to roll!