Sunday, March 28, 2021

Birchgrove Pants Two Ways

 I can't get enough of Muna and Broad's pants patterns...

These are their new Birchgrove Pants, which are elastic-waisted pants with a a tapered leg and a slash pocket designed not to gape. 

For my Birchgroves I made a size D, which corresponds with my measurements. 

I'm finding them to be a smidge big, looser in the legs and higher in the rise than necessary for me. I may try sizing down next time.

The fabric for my first pair, the light blue pair, is from Hieng Yoo Huat, one of my favorite Bangkok fabric shops. I originally thought it was a lightweight, light-wash denim, but methinks after working with it and seeing how it wrinkles that maybe it's a heavy weight linen with a denim-like coloring? 

I couldn't read the markings on anything at the store, and I remember it being in the denim section, not the linen section, so who knows. It has a denim vibe with a linen texture. 

I wasn't sure if the Birchgroves in this fabric would be ridiculously cool or just plain ridiculous. I had visions of the 1990s in my head. You remember the '90s, right? Ridiculous cool or just plain ridiculous?

For this blue pair, opted to do a one-layer pocket. I finished the pocket edge with bias tape and then I double-topstitched the pocket bag to the front pant leg (see this ancient tutorial on what I'm talking about). I also topstitched the outer leg seam. 

The orange pair is made from Robert Kaufman Ventana cotton twill I bought from Fancy Tiger Crafts. The color is Canyon Red. I lined the pockets with a fun coordinating batik scrap from my stash and then forgot to show them to you in the photos! 

I thought the orange was fun paired with my '80s-tastic Jackson Tee. And my new kicks, which I am in love with. I was aiming for a cool, casual sporty look a la Jess with these combos!

So my take on Birchgroves: love them, will wear them all the time, yet may size down next time for a closer fit. I have some more Ventana Twill I purchased with Birchgroves in mind, so I'll test the theory with that!