Monday, February 8, 2021

Pajama Jeans

Homemade pajama jeans. Pretty much a life goal achieved here, folks.

After seeing Loni's French terry-lined tencel denim joggers, I was both smitten and incredibly envious. I, too, wanted pajama jeans. 

I immediately bought some of the french terry-lined tencel denim fabric from LA Finch Fabrics...  a deadstock, end of bolt piece, sadly now sold out. It's pretty awesome... neither knit nor woven, but with the best properties of both. 

There is never a shortage of elastic-waist pants during these covid times, so the choice of style was pretty clear. 

I went with a tried-and-true pattern, the Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks. I like the fit (size 16, tapered version) and honestly am struggling to make anything these days that requires a muslin or tracing a new size.

I jazzed them up with traditional jeans-style double gold topstitching, which highlights the pockets and the side panels. Of course, you can't see the panels in any of my modeled photos or in this photo below, so you'll have to trust me on that. 

I added a cuff to the hems, like I did for my hiking Free Range Slacks

I'll be honest: I'm not sold on the cuffs. While they are functional for the hiking pants, I'm not sure I love the look of them for every day pants. Apparently cuffing and regretting is a thing I do now (see also: Arden Pants).

These jammy jeans are incredibly comfy. I wore them for a day of work and could barely tell I was wearing pants (could anyone, though?). 

Verdict: besides the cuffs, I love, love these pajama jeans and am very happy with my decision to have them jump the queue.