Monday, May 17, 2021

Stripey Seamwork Devon T-shirts

I've been on a quest to replicate/improve upon the Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee, both because I don't like the turn and stitch neckline and because the size range, although expanded, just isn't very good.

You might remember I tried the Grainline Hemlock, but didn't really like it (and still don't, although I wear it). It's just not right for me; neckline too wide and floppy, sleeves not slim enough to balance the boxy bodice.

This is Seamwork Devon, somewhat hacked. You might remember I made this dress a few months back, but hacked into a top. At the time I had some mixed feelings about it, but it ended up being a favorite! I enjoy the boxy shape and slim sleeves, although I still find the turtleneck to be a bit floppy.

I made the Devon the same as last time: size 16 from the curvy size range (which is probably a size down from my current measurements), cut at the hip, with a deep hem. However, I skipped the turtleneck and added a neckband (which I stole from the Seamwork Tacara pattern).

The black and white fabric is a striped rayon lycra jersey that I think I bought in Vietnam on a trip several years back. Very drapey. Because the jersey is so weighty, it's definitely longer than my other Devon

The Devon calls for medium weight knit fabrics with at least 25% stretch, and this rayon lycra jersey is definitely not that. But it's still a nice look! I just had to be sure to stabilize the shoulder seams so they didn't sag.

The yellow and white stripe is a cotton lycra fabric; it's the stripe from the Blake jersey collection. I've had it in my stash for quite a while now!

The cotton jersey/yellow shirt is a little more close fitting and stiff than the rayon lycra/black striped jersey, but I still like it. I had to shorten the sleeves by a couple inches to fit on my piece of fabric, so they're like 3/4 length. 

I'm pretty happy with this approximation! 

It's slightly less boatneck-y than the Mandy Boat tee, but the boxy shape and slim sleeves are on point. 

I think these will both get a lot of wear (and have already if you've been watching my Me Made May posts on Instagram!).