Monday, May 10, 2021

Georgia Tee Two Ways

 My brain can really only handle simple projects right now! 

Simple tops, simple pants... simple but satisfying.

These two tops are the Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Top, a simple boxy top that I've made once before

Same as last time, I cut a size OSP2 for both of these. 

My first Georgia is in a beautiful multicolor ikat that I purchased in Bali when I live in Indonesia, from Manik Bali. I don't know why I let it sit in my stash for so long!

The ikat fabric is a little stiff, so the sleeves are standing up a lot, but I know it softens up over time.

The second Georgia is made from a pretty, silky cotton voile I bought in Bangkok. It's floral with a bunch of dusty rose birds all over it.

You might remember it from this Muna and Broad Waikerie shirt, which I love in theory, but was a bit too cropped for comfort (mine was a tester version; it was lengthened after that!). I had just enough fabric left over for a Georgia tee.

I'm pretty smitten with both of these!

They obviously pair perfectly with my flax-colored Glebe Pants, but I think they'll fit pretty seamlessly into my wardrobe generally. 

Please enjoy my inadvertent "what's it to you?!" pose.


  1. Loving everything in the post - the fabrics, the colours, the coziness 😍

  2. I particularly love the 'What's it to you' pose! 'Are you talking to me?!'

  3. Both outfits look great! I bought 2 lengths of fabric at Manik Bali when we went there on honeymoon in 2019 :) Haven't decided yet what to make them with them, they're rather special and I want to make sure I'll wear the garments for a long time.