Monday, April 12, 2021

Glebe Pants: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

 I literally can't stop making pants. Elastic waist pants. 

Why? Well, the comfort factor, for sure. And there's something about the simplicity of sewing them, the repetition, that I'm finding really soothing right now. 

I keep coming back to the Muna and Broad Glebe pants (see my last few pairs here). Two more pairs, both size iii. 

This pair is made from the flax color mid-weight linen from Elizabeth Suzann

This natural color isn't normally one of my neutrals (I usually go for black, olive green or navy) and I'm a little apprehensive about light-colored pants for inexplicable reasons, but I thought I'd give it a try. 

Turns out I looooove them! I think they look pretty great. 

I also made another pair of pajama pants Glebes, from some gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric (my mom and I bought it a couple years back; I made her some Free Range Slacks with it). 

The Glebe pajama pants I made last year were a hit and many of my other pajama pants are either too small or threadbare, so this was a very functional project. 

I'm pretty jazzed about them- I love this print and they're so comfy!