Monday, May 4, 2020

Cat PJ Pants

 Cat pants for everyone!

Quarantine seems like a good time to sew ridiculous matching cat-themed pajama pants for yourself and your sister, doesn't it?

I was inspired to sew up some PJs when I realized I would be spending a lot more time at home than I normally do. And because while working from home I've had more time to poke through my stash to find some neglected gems!

I had the perfect Japanese cat-print cotton lawn in my stash. I purchased it in Bangkok years ago, on a shopping trip to the textile district with Jennifer of We Bought a Manor, I believe! I had been eyeing the fabric for several months but a little bit of enabling from a fellow sewist helped me just go for it. 

You might notice that the fabric is ever so slightly pink. I think something else bled on it in the wash; I'm hoping it fades over time! It's a bit difficult to see the cat print in these photos, so here's a close-up:

For myself, I sewed up the Muna & Broad Glebe pants. Just like my previous versions, I sewed a size iii and chose the version with the fully elasticized waist.

The only change I made to the Glebe pattern was to topstitch the waistband and add a drawstring (some bias tape from my stash).

Hers are size 6, and I also added elastic and topstitching to the waist in addition to the drawstring. I added a patch pocket on the bum since this pattern doesn't have the fabulous pockets that the Glebes have...

I'm pretty sure we'll both wear the hell out of these PJs. And hopefully we'll be able to see one another and drink coffee (and other beverages) together again sometime soon, too!