Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Seamwork Madhu

More summer sews over here...

This summery confection is the Seamwork Madhu, a cropped raglan top with an elastic finish at the neckline, sleeve, and hem that gives a cute ruffled effect. It's named after a fellow sewist!

My Madhu is a size 18, which is in Seamwork's curvy size range. This size range goes up to 54" bust and is designed for a DD cup.

The only change I made to the fit of my Madhu is that I ended up shortening the elastic at neckline and hem significantly from what was recommended by the pattern. I shortened both like 5 inches. Otherwise it was barely gathered and a bit loose feeling.

Fitwise, I'm pretty happy with it, with one exception: why is there so much extra blousing on the side seams relative to the center front and back? 

Looking at the model in the photos, who wears the same size as me, she is having the same issue, particularly in this shot. It's like it's too long at the sides.

My fabric is a gauzy, very loosely woven cotton that I stole from my mom's stash, leftover from this tunic I made a few years back. She said she originally bought it for bathrobes. It's a little bit sheer and has a cross-hatch texture on it. I adore the color (I've been crushing on orange lately) and the fabric is nice and flowy, albeit a little bit sticky at times (the tunic catches on my pants and itself a little bit).

I'd say I'm pretty happy with my Madhu, minor fit issues aside.

A cropped, ruffly top with pinchy sleeves is certainly outside my normal comfort zone, but I actually really like it in the end and think it's pretty fun to wear! I also think it pairs perfectly with my linen Glebe Pants, although doesn't everything?


  1. That is so cute! I never would have looked twice at that pattern if I hadn't seen it on you. I generally don't do elastic anything on a top (bottoms are a different matter!) and really like this look. Orange is one of my main palette colors, particularly in summer.

    I'm pondering the side fabric issue, though--can't really puzzle that one through. Is the fabric level when you add the casing in the bottom? (Wondering if the hem curves down slightly at the sides? I dunno). Would love to know if you figure it out!

  2. What happens if you raise your arm? Does the hem stay in place? Would it hitch up if there were less fabric? Just a thought from an accidental reader ��

  3. I bet it was drafted by measuring down from the center neckline to the intended hemline & then extending the hemline straight out to the side seam. That can work fine in certain applications, but with something that is going to be fitted at the waist, there should be more of a curve up toward the side seam. I haven't seen the pattern pieces though. Are they basically straight across at the hem?

  4. It reminds me of something I wore, or would have, in the 70s. I believe the sides of the puffy peasant blouse always are generous on the sides, probably extra fabric from neckline gathers ends up there? You look great in yours, much better than a bathrobe!