Saturday, October 30, 2021

Double Gauze Style Arc Hope Dress

Bandwagon alert! I finally broke down and made the Style Arc Hope Woven Dress that everyone's been making...

I've been inspired by all of the beautiful versions of the Hope Dress that I saw on Instagram, particularly those from Jenny and Jo, both of whom have made enough Hope Dresses to crack double digits.

The Hope is an oversized, raglan sleeved dress. The sleeves are voluminous and gathered with elastic at the hem. There are midi- or knee-length gathered skirts. 

It has a center back seam on the bodice, with a button closure. I skipped these seams and the closure, though, and cut the back bodice and back facing on the fold (minus seam allowance). 

I topstitched the wide neck facing down. I opted for the midi-length skirt. 

The fabric I chose is a rich chocolately brown double gauze that I think I bought at Clear It in Melbourne many years ago... this shop sold deadstock fabric from local Aussie designers and was recommended to me by the lovely Melbourne sewing crew I happy houred with many years back!

I dug the double gauze fabric from my deep stash while packing for our upcoming move (we bought a house!). 

My packing is mostly progressing like this: pack two boxes, get inspired by a piece of fabric or a pattern, wander off from packing to sew it up, eventually come back to packing. It's slow going. 

I love it! 

First I thought it had a little bit new age cult sack dress look and I was happy about that, but these photos with my Halloween decorations make me think it's more of a "wouldst thou like to live deliciously?"/join me at midnight in the woods vibe, and that might be even better. A little witchy is what I'm trying to say.  

In any case, my Hope dress is super comfy, and I like the shape of the bodice and the poofy sleeves.

 Haven't figured out what shoes I'll wear with it yet, but let's be honest, I live in Vermont and it's almost winter, so it will likely be leggings and Blundstones. 

See you in the woods at midnight, folks. There will be butter, if thou wouldst like a taste.