Friday, January 21, 2022

Mixed Print Medlow Robe

After a quick and simple first project in my new sewing space, my second one was a bit more involved and creative!

I've been meaning to make myself a new robe for a while now. I wear my Helen's Closet robe every day post-shower, while I dry my hair, prep for the day, and drink my coffee. However, that robe is looking a little bit tattered from wear and doesn't give me the coverage I want since I've gone up a few sizes since making it.

I bought the Muna and Broad Medlow Robe pattern soon after it was released, thinking it would be the perfect robe for me with its full coverage. I had printed the Medlow and traced my size months and months ago, but never actually cut one out because it's a bit of a fabric hog and I couldn't find a large enough piece of fabric in my stash.

This week I had an epiphany regarding my fabric shortage problem: mix and match fabrics! I had these 3 beautiful cotton batiks in my stash that coordinated really well. They were all made by the same artist. I had bought them at a batik fair in Jakarta when I lived there years ago (it's been over 10 years since I first moved there!). 

I have so many cool, unique batiks in my stash from when I lived there, but the problem for me is they're all 2-2.5 meters long, and only like 43" wide (usually designed to be worn as a sarong), so many garments won't fit on just one piece. But paired together you can get enough yardage for a project like my Medlow

I had 2 meters each of the blue and pinky-red batiks, so those formed the basis of the robe. I cut one front from each color, and cut half of the back out of each by adding a seam (and seam allowances, of course) down the center back. 

You might remember I had used most of a piece of the purple batik for a Cielo top for my mom in 2020. I used the remaining scraps of that purple batik for the robe's sleeves, part of the collar, the patch pocket, and a portion of the belt. I pieced together the remainder of the belt and the lower half of the collar with scraps of the blue and pink batik. 

My Medlow is a size D, which worked great (the Medlow pattern goes up to a 64" bust/71.5" hip, and Muna and Broad will grade the pattern up for you if you need larger than that). Roomy, full coverage, nice and long. I appreciate the small details, like the shaping at the back of the neckband so it snugs up to your neck. 

I am so delighted with my Medlow! I'm happy with the fit and enamored with the fun mix of fabrics I ended up with. 

If I had to register a complaint, it would be that the fabric is still a little bit crisp, but I know from experience that these cotton batiks soften up beautifully, so I'm sure if will only get better with time.