Monday, August 29, 2022

Grass Green Wexford Dress

 Continuing with the cooler weather projects here...

This is one of the more recent Cashmerette Club offerings, the Wexford top and dress.

The Wexford is a swing-style knit t-shirt top or dress with sleeveless and sleeve options

I obviously opted to sew the dress version with long sleeves.

This is a size 20 C/D. I feel like it's a teensy bit big, but I can't decide if I need to size down or just choose a more stable knit.

The Wexford works with knits that have at least 30% crosswise stretch. 

I chose a rayon lycra knit that I've had in my stash for ages. It's a very weighty but slinky knit, and I wonder if that weight is making the dress seem bigger than it is?

I forgot how clingy rayon lycra is! It shows everything, including the ribbed texture of my bra and undies set. Ah well. 

In any case, I'm liking my Wexford dress and will surely get a lot of wear out of it, likely layered up in cooler weather.