Monday, August 8, 2022

Ice Dyed Jackson

Another day, another Helen's Closet Jackson TeeThis pattern has definitely become a TNT for me!

This particular Jackson was another birthday gift for my niece (see also Fiona and camping Jacksons). 

Her favorite color is purple, so I ice-dyed some white cotton jersey from Joann (left over from a Jackson I made myself) with Dharma Trading Co. Procion dye in eggplant. 

I adore how the ice dyeing turned out- so interesting how the dye breaks into its component colors! 

The eggplant is a more reddish purple, I'd say, with blue, gray and golden yellow components. 

I accidentally ice-dyed the wrong side of the fabric, so I sewed the t-shirt with the wrong side/purl side out. You can't really tell the difference, but the ice dye was much brighter on the wrong side and looked much better.

The photo above is what I got when I asked her to strike a supermodel pose!

Like the camping Jacksons I made for my nieces, I cut a size 4 graded to 6 at the hip, which worked great for an oversized fit. 

And now I know what her senior pic could look like. Insert crying emoji here!