Friday, August 5, 2022

Jackson T-shirts for Camping

One of my favorite things to do with my nieces is to go camping, and they seem to look forward to it, too. 

So when I saw this fun camping-themed fabric at Joann, I knew it would be perfect for some t-shirts for them!

It's a bit hard to see in my photos, but the fabric has camping and nature themed badges printed on it, and phrases like "Hiking Hero," "Epic Explorer," "Born Leader," and "Kayak Pro," all of which apply to my nieces.

Apparently the fabric glows in the dark, but I forgot to test that theory.

It's a cotton/lycra interlock, so very easy to sew. 

Please note: all this hamming it up was the result of me giving them some prompts for the photos... "Uhoh, there's a bear on the trail!," "Can you ID that bird in the tree?," and "Look, a cool mushroom," etc.

And now we know which niece will defend us from a bear and which won't, wink wink.

For the t-shirts, I went with the Helen's Closet Jackson Tee, which I've made many times before, for a casual oversized look. 

Both of their t-shirts are size 4 at the chest, graded to 6 at the hip. The fit is pretty good, and there's room to grow. 

I think I cut the longer length tee, but don't quote me on that.

I think they like the t-shirts! They wore them much of the weekend, so that's a win!

Please also take note of the Peanuts-themed City Gym Shorts I made my niece- maybe a little much with the t-shirt, but cute nonetheless!