Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ice Dyed Double Gauze Quince

Every year for the past few years I go on a fabric dyeing bender and dye a bunch of yardage. These past few years it's been ice dyeing. I've really been honing my technique!

This time I dyed some organic cotton double gauze in white from Stash Fabric. This double gauze is super soft and cushy! I love the wrinkly texture it has.

I ice dyed the double gauze spread out on my lawn (using a method I saw Caramiya use!) with moss green and maroon Procion dyes from Dharma Trading Co. I had dyed a few tea towels with this color combo earlier in the year and really loved how they turned out- very Monet-esque- so I decided to try it on a larger piece of fabric.

The double gauze absorbed the dye really well; the colors are very vibrant and rich, but also very earthy in the moss color. Plus the dye and the texture together look amazing. So much depth!

I used my double gauze for a Seamwork Quince robe. I sewed a size 12, like my last one, which is down a few sizes from what the size chart would have me sew based on my body measurements. 

Like my last version (which is also hand-dyed!) skipped the cuffs so my sleeves ended up sort of 3/4 length, and I opted not to attach belt loops or cut a waist tie.

I sewed the longer length Quince this time, view A with the patch pockets, to take advantage of the full length of my piece of ice dyed fabric. 

I made a few minor tweaks to the design: I added eight inch long side slits, which I topstitched and reinforced with bar tacks. I also smoothed out the sharp 90 degree angle at the underarm so it has more of a curve and so I didn't have to cut into the armpit, which always makes me nervous.

Does this Quince have a bit of a bathrobe vibe in the end? Yes. Do I look a little bit like a fancy, feminine version of The Dude? Yes. Do I love it despite/because of this? Also yes.

Paired here with my pinky red Jackson Tee and store-bought (Old Navy) jeans.