Thursday, January 12, 2012

Craft Supply Overload!

Dudes: 3 months later and our stuff is finally here in Jakarta and, more importantly, in our apartment!  

After spending a few days unpacking and organizing, I have come to the conclusion that the combination of my clothes and shoes, my cooking equipment and my crafting gear constituted about 90% of our shipment.  The remaining 10% was Tim's stuff.

Today I organized the crafting corner: holy crap, I have a lot of crafting supplies!  From left to right: beading/jewelry supplies, knitting/crocheting materials, quilting stuff, sewing paraphernelia, paper crafts, embroidery/needlepoint stuff and miscellaneous.

I guess I have some crafting to do... 


  1. That open space in the lower right corner is right where your staple gun should be. Too bad it is still in my car. Yikes!

  2. I dream of a day when Martha's sewing room looks like can dream...