Monday, January 16, 2012

Rainbow Baby Hat and Booties

Made this hat and booties combo for Baby Hill, who we just found out will be a boy (well, I made this before I knew it would be a boy, but he can still rock it out on days he's feeling sassy... I'll make him something a little bit more conservative, too.)

I love the look of the stripes- so cheerful and bright.  Plus, making these small stripes allows me to use up lots of scrap yarn left over from other projects. However, I can safely say that I do not enjoy the process of doing all these stripes.  It's all fun and games while I am crocheting, but at the end when it comes time to weave in the ends of the yarn, I am miserable.  Observe the absurdly large number of yarn ends I must weave it just on one little bootie:

 Bootie innards = not pretty
Hat was made based on this pattern, while booties were made based on this pattern that I've used before (although modified somewhat on the upper part to be taller).