Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chocolate Mousse

Haven't thought of anything to make for Valentine's Day?   Protesting Valentine's Day, yet still want something chocolatey and delicious?  This chocolate mousse is super quick and easy, with very few ingredients.  Put it in a wine glass or whatever fancy looking dish you have and you're golden, valentine or not.

Me, I decided that my nonexistent V-day plans ("Happy valentine's day, Tim!  I splurged on imported ground beef from Australia!") needed to be perked up, so I looked through the fridge and realized that I had all of the ingredients for the Other Martha's chocolate mousse... mmmm.  

Not sure I used bittersweet chocolate.  The Indonesian chocolate packaging is a little bit vague about its cocoa content.  Maybe it was semi-sweet?  Delicious nonetheless.  I made a half recipe and it was 2 big servings.