Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seed Bead and Chain Necklace

I saw a link to this necklace tutorial from A Bit of Sunshine on Pinterest (and that tutorial is also based on a necklace seen on Pinterest... man, that site is addictive).  I thought it was pretty cool.  I love the combination of the simple seed beads mixed with shiny metal chain.  Plus, stripes.  I love stripes these days.

I had a ton of old-school seed beads (old school meaning I think I may have been dragging these things around since middle school), but I didn't have the cool gold findings- the rectangles and end bar links- so I improvised with some gold bead caps instead.  It doesn't have the flat, ribbony effect of the Bit of Sunshine necklace, but still looks pretty nice, I think! 

My only complaint is that this project reminded me how much I hate working with those tiny little beads.  My fingers hurt!  And now my back's gonna hurt because I just pulled landscaping duty.