Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Pillowcase Top

I'm having my own little scrap-busting party here this week... first the pillow made from quilt scraps and now this project made from scrap fabric leftover from this bag I made for Jamie a few years ago (complete with bunny lining to irk Mikey).  I decided that, like mother, like daughter, Baby Zoe might appreciate this combination of fabrics.

I wanted to find an easy pattern that A) didn't require much fabric and B) didn't involve printing out a pattern.  My internets/Google quest resulted in me choosing to make a "pillowcase" top based on this tutorial (the tutorial is for a dress, but my scraps only afforded me so much length).  Turned out pretty cute!  Definitely a good way for me to practice my sewing skills.  Hopefully I can find a way to get this thing around the world to Zoe before she outgrows it like she did her booties (tears...).

For those interested, here's how I modified the pattern...
  • Rather than cut eight 6x18" strips, I cut eight 6x12" strips
  • For the hem, I only cut strips that were 6x22" rather than 7x22"
  • I made the size 2T (meaning I cut off 1.5" of the end of the pieces as suggested by the tutorial)
  • When piecing the front and back together, I pressed the seam open and top-stitched on either side of it so that it matched the decorative top-stitching used on the other seams.  Plus, it provided me some back-up strength on those side seams!
  • Rather than make or use bias tape (not enough fabric!), I just cut two long, thin strips (1.5" wide), folded them in on themselves and did two rows of top-stitching to make my own ribbon for the shoulders
Close up of my masterful (haaaaaa!) top stitching.

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