Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Drop It Like It's Hot: In Progress

I've been sewing away like crazy recently, but I also have a knitting project in the works at the same time.  While sewing must be done at home with the machine and iron plugged in and at the ready, knitting is more portable... I can work on my knitting while stuck in Jakarta's notorious traffic.  

Image from Patonsyarns.com
I'm working on this top right now - the pattern caught my eye in an email from Patons yarn, Martha bought me the necessary yarn, and Liz and Meghan dragged it across the globe for me.  The pattern uses a technique called "drop stitch."   Drop stitch is basically what happens when you screw up when knitting- you accidentally let a loop slip off the needle and it leaves a big loose hole in your fabric.  This pattern incorporates dropped stitches and turns them into cool looking, hole-y stripes interspersed with stripes of regular stockinette stitch.  Pretty cool!

Up close and personal with my purposefully dropped stitches.
 I'm making progress, dropping stitches like they're hot... it goes pretty quickly because you're not actually knitting those 1-inch stripes where you drop the stitches. I'm about halfway done.  It's pretty different from stuff I've knitted so far, so I'm curious to see the final project.  It could be cool or it could be a major fail.  We'll see!!