Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grainline Studio's Scout Woven Tee

Who's combating a bout of homesickness with some serious crafting?  

*  This guy! *

I've had my eye on this pattern at Grainline Studios for a while now: the Scout woven tee.  It's so simple, so easy to make, and infinitely wearable.  You could dress it up or down, and although I imagine this tropical version I've made is more of a dress-down version, I am picturing a version in batik or ikat that could be worn for work with a cardigan or under a suit.  All of the various versions I saw online looked great... lace, flowers, polka dots, solid...  expect more of these from me!

This top was originally intended to be muslin for me to try out a new pattern, but now I think I kinda dig it for its vintage vibe.  I used some more fabric Martha hand-me-downed, left over from her '80s era Hawaiian phase (?).  I also employed some of the circa 1978 bias tape for the neckline... smells a little funny, but got the job done! I frenched all my seams, per this tutorial, and made slightly poofy sleeves by cutting the sleeves out one size larger than the body.  I think after making several garments over the last few months that I'm finally getting the hang of this sewing business.