Thursday, August 8, 2013

Briar Tee

After hand-carrying my new (to me, but really it's second hand, or third hand if you count the 8 months that the Real Martha used it in Springfield) serger literally across the world (Springfield --> NYC --> Frankfurt --> Singapore --> Jakarta), it was quite necessary to put it to work and make all that lugging around worthwhile.

Sergers and knits are pretty much made for one another, and both are something I have (needlessly) feared to this point.  In order to conquer those fears, I decided it was wise to start with a simple (but yet styley) pattern: Megan Nielsen's Briar t-shirt pattern.  I'd had my eye on it for a while since it's a cute and modern wardrobe staple, but was hesitant to try it before getting my serger ready to roll.  Well, no excuses now!

My first iteration was made from some up-cycled fabric, a slinky rayon knit that was the bottom half of a Target maxi-dress that I never wear anymore.  I cut the dress in half so I could still wear the top part as a tank, and cut the cropped, short-sleeved Briar out of the skirt.  This little cropped bugger will be gifted to someone skinnier than me because I couldn't fit my size (or the full-length version) on the fabric, but I squeezed myself into it for a blurry selfie nonetheless.  Future recipient, whoever you may be: don't be skerred, the cropped/hi-low top looks cute layered over a normal length shirt or dress!

Dudes: sergers + knits = awesomely simple!  While difficult to cut (see: slinky, slippery rayon), this fabric is super forgiving when sewn.  And I lurve my serger!  I just have to remember to sew confidently, because once that knife hits fabric, that's it, buddies.  No going back.

Expect more knits and serged items in the near future... it will only take me as long as it takes for my washing machine to prep the fabric before I am back with another Briar, I guarantee it.